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Our Clients Audio/Video Samples

Here is a playlist with samples of music recorded at December Switch.

You'll see artists, guest performances from our vocal teacher partners, and masterclasses.

We've worked with 100+ clients and helped put 7 people on radio or TV.

Call us on 0423440380 for free project advice.

Vocal, Piano, & Radio Samples Youtube Playlist
Classical Sample Youtube Video
Rap Samples Youtube Playlist

#312 Monica Mancini sings Adele: One and Only:

#129 Amy Liu sings (duet) 中文 不要走, 放開手 (시월애):

Why You Should Record Here
at December Switch

"10 reasons to choose December Switch"

  1. 1. Recording here has opened many doors for the artists recording here as seen below.
  2. 2. You'll get tips on vocals: how to avoid vocal strain and reach high notes from former Recording Artist JL (aka Producer Jason Leow) who will run your session
  3. 3. Feel and experience being in the same studio as the following artists:
  4. 4. Singing Star Yshrael Pasqual recorded 2 audition videos with December Switch, then got onto The Voice, where he was mentored by 4-Time-Grammy superstar Seal and went on to film his single "Earthquake" in the United States
  5. 5. Singing Sensation Thanh Bui worked with us producing 2 albums & doing vocal coaching for our mutual network of artists before going onto Australian Idol and later launching the highly acclaimed Soul Music Academy.
  6. 6. Singer Songwriter Carmen trusted us to record and produce an EP at December Switch and it got onto the Radio with a listenership of 473,000 people. (Other artists who got on the radio include Singer Eliza Davenport; Artist JL (Jason); and Rapper Stuart "Stuy" Reed.)
  7. 7. Recording Artist JL produced his original demos here. He has since been broadcast in over 121 verified countries, and now oversees the Glen Waverley studio under his real life name (Jason Leow).
  8. 8. Rapper Neckligence recorded his tracks here while still schooling at Mooroolbark College. He then got over 100,000 hits on Youtube which resulted in a TV series deal.
  9. 9. Taiwanese Singer Amy Liu recorded her original covers of Faye Wong, 徐佳莹 here, plus her music videos for Korean Movie Il Mare 시월애.
  10. 10. Dozens more everyday people from Melbourne recorded songs and videos here either for fantastic fun memories or for paying gigs and publicity including: Monica Bakowski, Kate Lister (VAMP), Rebecca Cardamone (Jazmine), Ai Hui, Ash Ganesh, May Johnston, Anthony Kayrooz, Sarah Garth, and many more.

Client Confessions: "I made money from my music
and kept creative control with a
music 'Secret Formula'"

"How I Got Airplay without a Large Budget"

"I'm one of the very few musicians who got radio airplay from their music. There's nothing special about me, I'm not super attractive or talented. But I earned money, whereas better looking and more talented artists than me sometimes didn't.

"I never believed in one formula for success. I thought that creativity, discipline, composition, my studies in counterpoint and harmony would make me successful. That wasn't correct.

"There is a formula that applies equally to all genres of very successful music from my favorite classical composers like Bach and Mozart, to the rockin' beats of the Beatles, to modern Pop music like Taylor, Katy and even things as ridiculously huge as Gangnam Style. There are 9 elements of the recipe common to all these composers and artists..

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Who we are

We are part of the Ozrush Group of businesses. Jason Leow is part owner of the Ozrush Group and has produced and recorded over 100 singers, rappers and musicians in our Glen Waverley Studio, including 7 people who ended up with airplay on Radio or TV. Martin Azzaro is a qualified sound engineer based in our new Prahran Studio, and is a guitar and drum specialist. Stuy Reed is a UK underground producer and rapper who does production in our London Studio. Maddie is a professional model and image consultant for your personal branding and marketing, based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Call Jason here to find out which one of our special artist programs would suit you.

Who we've helped

Foundr Magazine (International Publisher). Neckligence (Rapper, later TV Actor). Sarah Garth (Rock Guitar & Vocals). Carmen (Singer Songwriter, later on Radio). Monica Bakowski (Piano & Vocals). JL (Pop, later on Radio). Eliza Davenport (Pop, later on Radio). Yshrael (Singer, later on The Voice). Thanh Bui (RnB, Songwriter, later on Australian Idol and now music tycoon). Ange Soulmezo (Vocals, Soul). Jazmine (Singer, later a regular performer at Crown Melbourne), Stuy-D (Rapper, later on Radio). Maddie (Model, later on FOX News and TV). Spitzie (Rapper). Success Moving Forward (Corporate Advertising Voiceovers), Kate Lister (Singer, later a regular performer at Crown Melbourne) and 80+ more... Call Jason today to find out how to become super successful ...