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"Introduction to Sound Engineering" + 2 Hours recording in a famous Radio Airplay Studio + Personal instruction from renowned producer Jason Leow at December Switch Studios


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Perfect gift. Suits someone musical.

A hands on recording course at December Switch Studios

Fun and hands-on, you'll learn how to operate a studio using the world's industry standard software "Pro Tools". For beginners and experienced people alike, this course will enable you to run a studio session at December Switch Studios and at every other top studio around the world. This is not merely book learning; this is an enjoyable hands on experience where you'll get to apply what you've learned with 2 hours of Studio Time, and you'll create your own music production to take home. When you're done, December Switch Studios has further courses for those who want advanced training in microphone technique, detailed editing, and mastering, and there may be opportunities for further work or activities in the studio.

Increase your employability or produce your own album

December Switch Studio will teach you to operate "Pro Tools", the software used in all top industry level professional studios, from Melbourne to London to Hollywood and New York. You'll also learn practical skills including microphone placement, time & cost budgeting, and vocal warmup. With these skills you'll be able to produce your own singles and albums, and it is a crucial skill if you want get a job either at December Switch Studio or at another studio as a sound engineer or producer. Vocalists and songwriters also will benefit from doing this sound engineering course, because you will learn how to produce your own album and you'll save money on your productions by doing much of the work yourself.

2 Hours Studio Time with Renowned Producer Jason Leow

You'll also get 2 hours of studio time to sit down and record with renowned producer Jason Leow. After being broadcast in more than 121 countries as a producer & artist, Jason obtained his CPA qualifications and now gives valuable business advice to new artists on the realities of making money in the music industry. Jason also speaks at universities and shares career-saving advice that should be mandatory for anyone thinking of a career in sound or music. He has recorded music for over 100 clients and artists, including 7 who went onto Radio or TV.

Give an amazing gift for yourself or a loved one this Christmas - at December Switch.

December Switch Glen Waverley


  • Beautiful Gift Certificate - easy to email or print
  • "Introduction to Sound Engineering" - Pro Tools & Sound Engineer Course by December Switch Studios
  • 2 Hours Studio Time with renowned producer Jason Leow, who has been broadcast in over 121 countries
  • Increase your employability as a sound engineer with hands on experience in the studio
  • Record your own single, album or EP with the skills you'll learn
  • Save a lot of money when it comes to recording your own music, as you'll know how to do a lot of the work yourself
  • Potential opportunities to work at December Switch Studios in future
  • Amazing fun time and you'll learn practical skills to operate a session at December Switch Studio - the same studio that has helped over 100 clients, 7 of which went onto Radio or TV.

If You Are a Professional Engineer Read This (Additional Technical Info)

  • December Switch Studio is committed to providing a good learning experience.
  • You'll learn the essentials of the Pro Tools software so you can record music in a studio.
  • You'll learn the basics of microphone placement, in addition to the lessons below.
  • You'll record in 44kHz 24Bit Quality (up to 192kHz)
  • You'll have a once in a lifetime opportunity to use a Neumann U87 microphone (WOW!). A rare and extremely high quality microphone - costing up to 450x more than a typical computer microphone. Invented in 1967 it is the microphone on every studio's wish list, used by Grammy Award Winning Artists in every genre such as Whitney Houston, Justin Timberlake, Drake and Psy.
  • In addition you'll also learn:
    • How to do a Professional's Vocal Warmup for your Clients
    • Preproduction and Marking
    • Correct Temperature Water for Vocals
    • Correct Microphone Placement
    • Correct Pop Filter Placement
    • Setting Headphone Monitor Levels
    • Recording (Multiple Takes)
    • Listen Backs
    • Basics of Editing
  • Beginners can usually record several songs in a 2 hour session; As a professional you may be accustomed to spending 2-3 days perfecting a single song until it is flawless. You can decide how many songs you prefer to do in one sitting - we will be your advisers, but the choice is yours.

About December Switch

December Switch Studios was co-founded by Melbourne producer Jason Leow under his artist name "JL" 12 years ago. The studio has since worked with over 100 artists, including 7 who went on to Radio & TV and 24+ YouTube artists. December Switch music has been featured by 20th Century Fox and various radio stations.

Music Samples

#312 Monica Mancini sings Adele: One and Only:

#401 JL, Sarah Garth and Martin Azzaro perform "Rude":

Notable Artists

  1. Singing Star Yshrael Pasqual recorded 2 audition videos with December Switch, then got onto The Voice, where he was mentored by 4-Time-Grammy superstar Seal and went on to film his single "Earthquake" in the United States.
  2. Former member of North and Singing Sensation Thanh Bui worked with us producing 2 albums & doing vocal coaching for our mutual network of artists before going onto Australian Idol. He later launched the acclaimed Soul Music Academy in HCM City.
  3. Singer Songwriter Carmen trusted us to record and produce an EP at December Switch and it got onto the Radio with a listenership of 473,000 people. (Other artists who got on the radio include Singer Eliza Davenport; Artist JL (Jason); and Rapper Stuart "Stuy" Reed.)
  4. Recording Artist JL produced his original demos here. He has since been broadcast in over 121 verified countries, and now oversees the Glen Waverley studio under his real life name (Jason Leow).
  5. Rapper Neckligence recorded his tracks here while still schooling at Mooroolbark College. He then got over 100,000 hits on Youtube which resulted in a TV series deal.
  6. Taiwanese Singer Amy Liu recorded her original covers of Faye Wong, 徐佳莹 here, plus her music videos for Korean Movie Il Mare 시월애.
  7. Dozens more everyday people from Melbourne have recorded songs and videos here either for fantastic fun memories or for paying gigs and publicity including: Monica Bakowski, Kate Lister (VAMP), Rebecca Cardamone (Jazmine), Ai Hui, Ash Ganesh, May Johnston, Anthony Kayrooz, Sarah Garth, and many more.

The Fine Print

  • Buy Multiple Packages as Gifts
  • Valid at chosen location only
  • If you choose to extend your 2 Hour Package, additional time will be charged at $30 per half hour (usually $60 per half hour).
  • 48 hours notice needed for cancellations or booking is forfeited, due to high demand.
  • Original value current as at: 1 Dec 2015.
  • Standard fine print for all packages

How to Book:

  • Expiry: 12 months from purchase
  • After buying, call 0423440380 to book your session.
  • Bookings Mon to Fri 10am - 5pm, Commencing from Jan 5, 2016.