How to Get Great Backing Tracks
... That won't break the bank.

By Producer and Artist Development Coach Jase (Jason) Leow

When you come to record vocals at December Switch, you will need something the industry calls a "backing track."

A backing track is a recording. Its a recording of music instruments that mixes with your voice to produce a finished song.

It is also known as an instrumental track or karaoke track.

In other words your VOICE and the backing track INSTRUMENTS get mixed together at the end of our recording process.

Backing tracks come from two places. You'll need to choose which one you prefer:

Backing Track Option 1) More expensive, unique, custom made: We can produce a track for you.

This involves us recording the instruments in the studio for you. This is most appropriate when you have an unusual song, or an original song that you need music for.

Pricing starts at about $75 for a simple guitar based track.

Backing Track Option 2) Cheaper, mass produced, ready made: Order an off the shelf track.

This is our secret supplier of good backing tracks for singers:

We have used this website on 15-20 occasions to purchase ready-made backing tracks for our clients.

The quality so far has been acceptable for our high standards, and they have also been reliable to date.

You can get everything from Katy Perry to the Eagles.

In Summary: Here's where to get cheap backing tracks: They're good - This is where we buy our tracks. We haven't tried them yet. Haven't tried them but they're Australian.

If you choose a ready-made track from the sites above, then decide for yourself which site you feel most comfortable with.

As discussed in the middle of this article, we can also build you a custom track.

As always, please contact me or the team if you have questions.

Have a great day and we're looking forward to seeing you soon.

Jase (Jason) Leow - 0423 440 380

Disclaimer: We occasionally get a small fee for having websites listed on this page. This does not affect our professional opinion, which is based on our personal experience with the websites listed.